Back To Low Carb – I am happy when I am low carb.

When I eat what I think I like, I am the most miserable, but when I go low carb, I am generally happier, more energetic and so much more productive.

I have around 4 years of low carb living under my belt, but that does not make me an expert, but it does mean that I know what works for me.

I used to have a ton of low carb post on this blog, but for some reason I deleted them, and to be honest I am kinda glad I did…

It’s that same old story of when you find something so cool, it’s all you wanna talk about and you believe everybody else should be doing it. Well, that’s kinda what I was like and to some degree I still am, though now-days I would only go to the extent of helping someone that wants help or guidance.

A little back story.

So around four years ago at age 45, I was obese, pre-diabetic, falling a sleep at work, no energy and paranoid that I was going to die.
I had no energy to run around an play with my young son and I was ashamed of my body, yet I would still eat up to 5 chocolate bars a day and lots of other bad stuff.

The Fat Burning Man

One day whilst driving to work I came across a podcast called the Fat Burning Man and the title had me hooked, so I tuned in, and over several months I listened to all the current and back episodes.
In this time I totally re-educated myself, not only about food but about how my body worked.

I started slowly and saw some progress, and then I wanted to up the anti and go all in, so I told my friend what I was doing and that I planned to lose 5 kilos in one month.

My Best Friend Died.

About 15 days in I had exceeded my goal and my friend could not believe what was happening and how much I had changed, I think he had been convinced and was starting to make the changes to, but shortly after making the decision to join me in my quest, he suffered a heart attack and sadly passed away.

The passing of my best friend broke me, but it did make me focus on my health and well being with a lot more drive and intention.
Eventually I achieved fitness levels that I had only seen in my early twenties and even had a six pack again.

I’m An Addict And Its OK.

Four years on I am still battling with the carbs but the great thing about educating yourself and understanding your body, means that when the time comes you know what to do.

I don’t need rehab or counseling but I do see myself as an addict.
Every so often the carbs will get me and I will start to binge and eat crap for a period.
In this time I can see the changes, bad moods, tiredness, lack of motivation weight gain, anxiety and so on.
The difference now days is that I have the tools and the knowledge to get back on track pretty quick.

But, I am afraid I am going to live my life like an addict, and I don’t want to be that person.
The temptation is everywhere, every time I look in a shop window, every time I open the cupboard or fridge at home, it’s there staring me in the face saying go just one bite, you can handle it.

I think the only way I could ever beat this junk food & sugarĀ  addiction is to move away to a country where there are no shops around so the convenience is taken away.

But for now, I’m in a good place and I am happy with that.

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