I’m Tired Of Talking Weight Loss

Good sleep

On a recent night out the conversation was directed towards my weight loss…Again.

All the usual questions arose. “what diet did you do – You must exercise a lot – Paleo! What’s that?”.

The last question is the one I hate to talk about. Describing paleo is very difficult when in my mind paleo is a personal thing and not just about food, diet or exercise.

There is nothing worse than getting into an in-depth conversation about what paleo is, with a drunk guy that is overweight and has no intention of ever changing his habits…And to be honest, now I know and understand the benefits of all round good well-being, I am tired of just talking weight loss…

What led to where I am now started with the desire to lose weight, but what I didn’t realise at the time, is weight loss was not a consequence of my diet directly but more a result of my lifestyle.

Part of the problem is that we too often focus on the look of our bodies, rather than the performance of our body.

Aiming to only “look good” rather than perform optimal is the reason most diets fail.

Let’s face it! no-one wants to look good naked but feel like shit all the time, but that’s what’s happening.
Visual is seen as the most important thing and so our vainness is really our downfall.

If we aim for optimal, we gain a host of other benefits from reaching to that level, including better sleep, more energy, clearer tighter skin and of course lasting weight loss.

Unfortunately, most of us think in the moment or as near as, aiming to lose 5lbs in 4-weeks ready for that beach holiday or to fit in a wedding dress.

People that lose a small amount of weight in a short period are actually on the right track, yet they never had the intention of keeping it up and old habits come back.

If we are slightly hungry or bored, we just eat without thought, as long as we cure the hunger or fulfill the need there and then.

And so the story goes…

Optimal or healthy is not something the general population strive to achieve, because we have in our heads that our bodies are older, they can no longer be optimal like when we were 20…But in my mind I can be an optimal 46 year old, which does not mean I’m trying to be as fit or do what I did in my 20’s.

We must stop associating our health by the shape and size of our bodies…assuming that thin is healthy.

Let me tell you. There are a lot of thin people out there struggling and suffering from all-sorts of problems.

We have to learn to look past the physical appearance of our bodies and reach for being optimal in every aspect possible, starting with your gut, frame and muscle.

Everything else will fall into place.


A Bucket List To Die For

the bucket list

Things to do before you die…

There are a few people that I have spoke to, that have said that they really don’t have any goals or things they would like to achieve before their time is up.

Personally I find that a little sad!

I am pretty sure if those people stopped and looked outside of their own little depressed world, they would find plenty.

I was recently browsing through my never ending list of favorite blogs when I cam across a “bucket list to die for”.

I mean this list is pretty epic, far out there and amazingly well put together.
The first thing I thought was “shit, I need to do one of those”.
The second thing I thought was, “I need to share the idea”.

So why create a bucket list?
We are all grown up, surely we know what we want to do with our lives.


Nerd fitness bucket listHaving plans or goals and Not sharing them, makes it easy for us all to have ideas and then let them fall by the wayside.

No-one can question our actions or label us as failures and we don’t have to go through life dodging those that know about our goals.

Then there’s the remarks or negative feedback from those that don’t see life the way you do…We all know a few people that live life in the half empty glass, and they can be the worst ones to share your ideas with, you know the ones I mean.

We all have friends like that, good friends that always say they will but never do.

But make that list public, and your accountable for your actions, even if they are a little silly.
A really well thought out bucket list could really say a lot about who you really are, what you where like as a kid and your hidden personality.

Lets face it there are always things we wanted to do before we grew up, before we had responsibilities  and before our bodies grow to old and tiresome.

A bucket list to die for.

Bucket list nerd fitnessI cant tell you how to create your bucket list and where to share it, or even if you should share it.

At this particular point, I haven’t even created mine the way I want to. (but come tomorrow)

But I am going to share someone elses bucket list with you, in the hope that it inspires you, as much as it did me.

Remember this is a personal thing and the list I am going to share has been created, not only with the creator in mind, but also his community.

It was a great idea to really think this out and put not only his personality in to it, but also the personalities of his followers .

By creating a list that people can associate with, will surely lead to more understanding and support.
Friends and families will become interested in your goings on and even become supporters of your efforts.

When good people become part of your life, your life becomes clearer and rather than thinking about the up-hill battles to get even the simplest things done, the road becomes a little more even.

By sharing and letting people into your world, will allow you to find people with similar interest, which can be a great comfort, spread cost and motivate you to fulfill those goals.

Create your list and print it out, pin it up at work and at home.
Though often we are affraid that our spouses will have something to say about it, you just have to do it.

Epic List

The list of Steve Kamb is an awesome list and in my mind, the template for all bucket list to come.
He has really gone to town on this list and even broken it up in sections, stages, completed and uncompleted.

He has inspired a ton of like minded people to follow in his foot steps and start living their lives to the best of their abilities.

Steve Kamb is the founder and owner of the brilliant site Nerd Fitness where he inspires other nerds that maybe spend to long in front of a screen, be-it at work or at home.

The site was originally aimed at nerds, desk jockeys and gamers, but has since gone on to have a following of over 100 000 people

Steve’s Words

I’m the rebel leader here at Nerd Fitness.  I help desk jockeys, nerds, and average Joes level up their lives.

Oh, and sometimes I travel around the world on my Epic Quest of Awesome.

Steve not only list some pretty serious goals but also really silly ones.
What I do like though is the way the bigger goals have been broken down into stages of the target goals.

nerd followersFor example he wants to achieve 100 000 followers on his site, but before that he states that one goal is to reach just 10 000 followers.

This is a great way to see that you are making progress and that your efforts are paying of.

Another thing I like about this list is the use of themes through-out the list, as it keeps it exciting and hopefully interesting to others.

I didn’t want to share the link to Steve’s list to soon in this post, because I knew that once you click that link you wont come back.

So go check it out and get creative with your own. Steves Epic Quest – Nerd Fitness







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