Back To Low Carb – I am happy when I am low carb.

When I eat what I think I like, I am the most miserable, but when I go low carb, I am generally happier, more energetic and so much more productive. I have around 4 years of low carb living under my belt, but that does not make me an expert, but it does mean that […]

Should I Vlog – I have nothing to say

Should I Vlog A question that I have been asking myself for a long time. I figured if the question arises, then there must be an interest, and I think that anyone that shares content online, whether it’s personal or other, would have at some point asked the question, or been intrigued by the concept. […]

Only Noah Tv – I Wanna Be A You Tube Star

Anyone, well almost anyone with a kid between the ages of 10 and 14 will know how much youtube means to them and my kid is no different. My boy’s name is Noah and Noah is one of those kids thats very quiet, gets on with everybody and likes to be in the background, except […]

Saturday Mornings Are The Best

I love Saturday mornings, at least when I am not having to work. My day starts not when I awake, but rather when my son wakes and jumps in bed with me for a nice cuddle.

Vlogging camera - Canon 70D - Shotgun Mic

4 Years Since Last Post – So Why Now

Personal Blog I had long forgotten about this personal blog until I recently received an email about the domain renewal and even then I did not think about the blog I had started 4 years ago. Then a few nights later whilst sitting bed I remembered that the domain pointed somewhere, so I typed it […]