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La Gomera – Annual Retreat – Dealing with anxiety

Wa-Hoo it’s January, La Gomera time…

Time to go and get some sun, relax and try not to think about work for 5 days.

Every year around xmas time I disappear to La Gomera for a few days and I have done this for around 20 years now.
Back in the day it would be over Xmas time and then when my son was born I moved to the first week in January.

It all begun when due to the anxiety and fear of Christmas.
Come September, the anxiety would start to show it’s face and all the way up to Xmas it would build, leaving me feeling mis-understood and confused.
There is obviously more to it, but I won’t go into that now…

When I discovered getting away for a week at the end or beginning of a year would be the answers to my problems, I have never looked back, now come September, my focus is elsewhere which leaves me more productive and focused for the next three months.

About La Gomera.

La Gomera is an island in the canaries known as the Emerald Island.
At only 10 miles in diameter and with it’s high mountains, it has many micro climates.
In the mountains it is lush green and has moss covered forest and then on the south of the island in second largest town on the island sits Valle Gran Rey, a popular destination fro the hippies, winter vagabonds and the bohemian minded.

Unless you speak german, it’s a pretty lonely place for an Englishman like myself.
With most of the tourist being German, Dutch and Norwegian, very few British visit this destination. Late night bars are few and far between and most entertainment is based around the beach, hiking and early nights.

There are a few bars, but unless you are a very out going person willing to try and make conversation with an array of other nationalities that already have their friends circle, nights out can leave you hanging around like a billy no mates, but if that sort of thing does not bother you, then it could be the perfect getaway.

Feeling Relaxed

La Gomera - Apartment with a view of the seaThis year when I went, every day was beach weather (I came from 0 degrees England) mostly around 20-24 degrees and a few scattered clouds.
I had a nice apartment with a view over a banana plantation to the sea, and a short walk to the cafes and bars.

My days were mostly filled by just me sitting on the beach and playing in the waves.
Evenings, i did venture out a couple of times, but I was happy to hang out in the apartment.

With regards to anxieties, I felt pretty good most of the time I was there and the only issues I had, were caused by running a business in the UK which requires me to be involved 24/7.
Luckily the phone only rang a couple of times, and managed to sort things out over the phone.

I also tried to do a few Vlogs, but I am not sure I have the hang or skills yet to publish them.

sitting in the airport - clean image

I tried to vlog whilst walking around, then I tried a review of the apartment along with many other things, but I think I may need to practice a little, it does not help that I cant bear to see or listen to myself in vids.

5 days was enough to clear my head, miss my family, get a bit of sun and leave feeling refreshed.
Even flights were seamless.

Heres to 2018


La Gomera – 2018.

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