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4 Years Since Last Post – So Why Now

Personal Blog

I had long forgotten about this personal blog until I recently received an email about the domain renewal and even then I did not think about the blog I had started 4 years ago.
Then a few nights later whilst sitting bed I remembered that the domain pointed somewhere, so I typed it in to the browser and shit me, there it was minus a few post I had deleted for some reason or another.

It’s funny coming back to something you haven’t seen in a long time and even more so when visiting old opinions and thoughts.

I’m sure we’ve had that moment when your clearing out some drawers or old boxes from under the bed and you come across those old diaries or lyrics you scribbled down in a note book or on scraps of paper.

Suddenly your drawn in by who you were or the state of mind you were in at the time of writing, the next thing you know, is that hours have passed and your passion for scribbling things down is revived and the search for fresh paper or word press themes has started and the creative juices are flowing again, but with not enough time to record all that is flowing through your mind, ideas are coming thick and fast and here we are back at the new beginning.

Things move so fast, I can’t keep up.

O, how things have moved on in 4 years. I mean is blogging still relevant?

(I wrote that last sentence and then looked over at the table where my vlogging gear is set up).

With the rise of vlogging and all things video, I have to admit I have been drawn in and I find that the only people talking about blogging these-days are businesses or media marketers telling businesses they should be blogging.

I have my mind set on vlogging, but unfortunately it’s not as simple as blogging and then theres the whole thing about not liking to see yourself on camera and no unanimity.

Why Do I Do It?

Thats the question I ask myself.
Therapy is the answer, plain and simple.
Blogging relaxes me and allows me to talk about things I wouldn’t normally talk about, and I know that not many people read this blog, but it is still a big release and although I have no problems talking one to one about my anxiety, weight issues and other things, lets face it, when you have time with friends, you don’t want to bore them with all your insecurities.

Is there a future for this Blog?

I have always been a writer just as much as I have always been a photographer.
That does not mean I am going to be a pro, have a million followers or sell lots of pictures.
Writing has been a passion since childhood and although a little dyslexic thankfully there are spelling programs that allow me to put my simple thoughts down and share whats on my mind, and maybe thats all the therapy I need for now, so who knows…