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I am sure there’s something here to help you get the best from the net.

Everything on here is something I use, listen to or have consumed useful information from.

If you have any links to some great resources that you think I should feature, please send them via the contact form…

Blogs To Follow

Humans Are Not Broken:Paleo – Health – Fitness – Podcast

Fat Burning Man: Diet – Health – Fitness – Lifestyle – Podcast

BulletProof Executive: Bio Hacking – Health – Diet – Podcast – Forum

Marks Daily Apple: Paleo – Caveman – Fitness – Food

Ben Greenfield: Fitness – Endurance Hacking – Diet – Supps – Podcast

Athlete io: Strength – Muscle – Carb Back-loading – Diet – Podcast

Dr Sarah Goddfried: Men/Womens – Health – Hormones – Testosterone – Thyroid

Paleo Parents: Paleo – Parenting – Lifestyle – Recipes

Livin La Vida lowCarb: Low Carbs – Ketosis – Forum – Podcast

Quick & Dirty Tips: Health & Fitness Tips – Supplements – Podcast

Ben Coomber: Health – Fitness – Training – British – Podcast

Nerd Fitness: Diet – Lifestyle – Nerdness – Fitness




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