Saturday Mornings Are The Best

I love Saturday mornings, at least when I am not having to work.
My day starts not when I awake, but rather when my son wakes and jumps in bed with me for a nice cuddle.

Like me he’s a little geeky and likes his games and gadgets, and like most other 8yr olds of selfie with my sone picturetoday, he wants to be a youtube star.

After a nice little chat about the day ahead, he will disappear into the lounge for the next 2 hours of online gaming with his friends, whilst I will waste a couple of hours checking out the latest Vloggers & Bloggers online.


Sitting in bed with coffee and laptop

Fresh coffee in hand and sunshine coming through the window, I am in weekend heaven for a short while, but as any ┬áparent will tell you, “me time” is short lived.
I think I am one of the lucky ones as my boy is super chilled, and we love doing stuff together, even if that does mean I am his camera-man, video editor and general dogs body for the day.

These Days Are Precious