Should I Vlog – I have nothing to say

Should I Vlog

A question that I have been asking myself for a long time.
I figured if the question arises, then there must be an interest, and I think that anyone that shares content online, whether it’s personal or other, would have at some point asked the question, or been intrigued by the concept.

Blogging has been a way for me to express feelings, thoughts and ideas and it has never been anything other than that.

I think the interest in vlogging or making video has been there for a long time and I have tried making some very small family holiday vids, but to be honest I have never enjoyed the editing process and I think that editing is probably the biggest barrier for most.

I don’t see myself as a creator and therefore don’t seem to have a creative process or mind, everything I do is off the cuff and and from the heart.

My biggest issue with vlogging on youtube is the competition…
Lets face it, there are some pretty awesome vloggers out there and for me to even try to match anything that I subscribe to, would have me running for the door.

Story telling and editing skills are another hurdle to contend with, but these are nothing compared to being comfortable speaking to a camera and then seeing yourself on youtube.
It’s not just words, its you, your face, your personality and you could be the happiest person alive but if like me your not a smiley person, your never gonna shine.
I know my downfalls, but they are not going to prevent me from living this life.

So. Should I Vlog?
Well, I think I should try, and I have already posted a couple of vids, though nothing amaz-balls. Yet…

The first hurdle

What should I vlog about?
In my first vlog I introduced myself, but if I am honest, I think I mumbled on a little to long, but I just wanted to post something and make a start.

In my second vlog I filmed myself in the midst of an anxiety attack, and I could keep posting about that stuff, but I don’t want to be seen as someone that lives with anxiety or depression.
I do not live with either, but I do have little episodes of them that can leave me feeling helpless and it’s shit.

I have so much more to offer.

I am gonna keep posting crap or whatever comes to mind, because experience tells me that if you keep doing something, you get better.

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