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Struggling With Me Time

A lot of my recent post have been about my diet or paleo lifestyle.

But when I started this blog I had bigger dreams…Dreams of taking life by the bollocks and then taking back control of my story.

The main reason I blogged mostly about diet and health is, becasue thats what I feel was holding me back, and if thaqts whats holding me back, then thats whats happening to a lot of others too.

I’m not making excuses, but bad health saps your confidence and your belief in your own abilities to get the most from yourself, and to a certain degree you even become a little dis-embodied from who you once were, or who you want to be.

Sure you may be a confident person or someone that was once confident…But lets face it, at 40+ years, we have lived a little and had our share of shit… Some more than others.

I have always known what I want this blog to be about, but I want to live what I preach or at least have had an experience of what I write about, and hopefully I will find common ground with others out ther 40+ or younger.

The thing that I am finding harder to achieve than I thought I would is “doing stuff”.

The diet and health stuff was/is easy…It’s easy because it happens in the background, and it effects no one else.

The active stuff is time reliant and it has to fit in around family and finacials, which is another balancing act in itself.

I am writing this post in the middle of the kids summer holidays…Anna my partner has had to take most of the time off from work to look after Noah, our 5yr old son, because I have used up nearly all my holiday.

Evenings are a time when I have to be a dad and give Anna a break, which leaves little time for creativity or blogging…And the ideas that float through my head during my work days are usually long forgotton by the time I hit the sack.

Dont get me wrong! I love spending time with my boy and having him off from school. But part of me is eagerly awaiting the end of summer holidays, just so that selfishly I can try to move forward with my ideas, without disturbing family life to much.

I know that there are a lot of families that manage to be active together and have a perfect balance…And that is something I strive to achieve, but for now it has to start with me.

I am the one with the issues and my partner has yet to turn 40…But don’t take this all the wrong way, we are a great family that spends a lot of time together doing things and playing.

Moving The Goal Post

As my jouney progresses I am realisiing how often the goal post move.

Yes I know…I am the one setting the goals, but with each new goal or target comes a new challenge.

Even things as simple as this blog. As I wish my blog to progress, I realise my lack of grammer and blogging skills are becoming another massive hurdle for me to overcome.

All things can be fixed, but its a slow progression, and the realisation of my ability is just another step in the direction or righting this wrong…Which in turn is another part of taking control of my life.

If we can make small progressions in the right direction, we’ll get there in the end…Yet I am not sure there is ever an end?